About Us

Skidroc Limited is a New Zealand company that has developed and patented a unique and innovative solution for installing building foundations, for both residential and commercial applications.

The Skidroc Foundation System is an easy-to-use and environmentally friendly system that allows drains and service utilities, including electricity, gas, phone and water, to be connected at the same time as the foundation is prepared – before the concrete has been poured and construction commenced.

The Skidroc Foundation System’s strength lies in providing better accessibility for narrow sections being built close to boundaries, and the need for fewer Council inspections. As well, because drains and services are already in place, project management is easier: less bad-weather delays for trades = a speedier build time.

And it is much kinder to our fragile environment than the old-school types of foundations that you are used to because:

* Excess dirt from drains is able to be reused immediately as backfill in the foundations – this saves on both the initial dumping costs of excavated material, and the need to purchase new backfill

* Many of our components are reused on other projects – we take them away, which saves even more in dumping costs

* The concrete we use is from Allied Concrete – which uses recycled glass in its manufacturing process

Without drainage trenches surrounding the worksite both developers and private home builders enjoy a much safer construction environment when using the patented Skidroc system.

The Skidroc Foundation System is the brainchild of New Zealand builder, Mark Huria, from Wellington.

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About Mark Huria

Mark Huria is a licensed builder (Registration Number 102701) whose company, Skidroc Limited is a member of the Master Builders Federation of New Zealand. He has over 25 years experience in the building industry.

His development of the Skidroc Foundation System was in response to his own challenges in building close to the boundary on narrow sections. In these situations, access for machinery to dig drains after a foundation is laid is impossible, so Mark set about developing a way for the drains, and then other services, to be incorporated in the foundation-laying process.

Mark is justifiably proud that the versatile Skidroc Foundation System has been granted a New Zealand patent – and that his innovation has  applications for the building industry all around the world.

To discuss using Skidroc for your foundation, or to enquire about franchise opportunities, contact Mark directly on 0800 754 376 or email us today here.

About Lynell Huria

Lynell is an intellectual property lawyer with over 18 years experience advising local and international clients on business decisions around their intellectual property needs.  Lynell has also been involved with many community groups, spending many hours in board and governance positions.

Lynell’s expertise has supported Mark in developing Skidroc into the business it is today.


  • Search for ‘Skidroc’ from the Master Builders Federation website
  • Search for ‘Mark Huria’ on the Government’s Licensed Builders Register here.