How it Works

The Skidroc Foundation System allows you to install drainage and services before the concrete slab is laid. This speeds up the time of build, helps with easier management of trades, requires fewer council inspections, and delivers kinder-to-the-environment building sites.

The truly unique (and patented) system is proudly New Zealand – from concept and design  through to production and, in many cases, installation. It uses a raft pod floor – the foundation sits on top of the ground – so there is no need for footings.

How The Skidroc Foundation System Works

  1. Small blocks, which are used as anchor points, are concreted into the ground at intervals to mark out the building line. Because there is therefore no need for a continuous plate around the perimeter of the building,  it becomes possible for a digger to work on the site, unimpeded by the 4×2 or 100×50 bottom plates that you would find when using other foundation techniques.
  2. Trenches are dug within (i.e. under the slab) and outside the building line for drainage, plumbing and other services.
  3. Appropriate trades complete installation of drainage and plumbing, connecting them – at this early stage – to Council mains.
  4. Council inspection is made for plumbing, drainage and foundation.
  5. Gas, electricity and telephone cabling/pipes are also installed while the trenches are open – before the slab is poured.
  6. We use the surplus material from the drainage and plumbing trenches to raise the height of the lower areas of the foundation. We don’t take any material off site unless it is unsuitable for use inside the foundation – saving clients both removal and dumping costs.
  7. Our patented Skidroc Foundation System formwork is assembled using a combination of concrete-embedded ground anchors which have a bracket supporting section, and boxing support brackets that are pivotally mountable on the bracket supporting section.
  8. Boxing boards are attached to the boxing support brackets, and held firmly and securely in place.
  9. For higher foundations, additional support brackets are easily added to the ground anchors, and boxing boards attached to them. The site is then ready for concrete pour.
  10. The rafted floor (including insulation) is laid.
  11.  Concrete is poured. All foundations that Skidroc lays use concrete from Allied Concrete  – which uses recycled glass.
  12.  Once the concrete is cured, the formwork, support brackets and bracket supporting section are dismantled and ready for reuse on the next Skidroc Foundation.

To discuss using the Skidroc Foundation System for your next building project, call Mark Huria at Skidroc Limited on 0800 754 376 or email your enquiry through our contact page.