Here at Skidroc we know that using our patented Skidroc Foundation System makes it much easier for owner-builders and contractors to manage a building site. The approvals process, too, becomes more streamlined – as both project managers and Wellington Council have already discovered.

It all comes down to the fact that the plumbing and services connections are all installed as part of the foundation building process – before the concrete pour. And this means that because both drains and internal plumbing pipes are installed at the same time as the foundation, the required Council inspection for:

  • Foundations, and
  • Plumbing and drainage

can be done together.

Cost Savings For Councils

Be reducing the number of Council inspections needed, the Skidroc Foundation System delivers real and measurable benefits to Councils.

These come about as a result of:

  • More efficient use of Inspectors’ time – fewer inspections are needed
  • Faster inspection turnaround – because inspectors’ time has been freed up
  • Improved relationships with contractors – their jobs will move ahead faster
  • Reduced waste management – many of the Skidroc Foundation System’s components are reusable
  • Improved environmental credentials – less dumping of excavated material and use of concrete made from recycled glass.

Important, too, is that building sites that have used the Skidroc Foundation System will not have drainage trenches around the outside of the building – and the result is a much safer workplace.

Wellington has been the focus of the initial rollout of the Skidroc Foundation System because firstly, this is our home. But secondly, and significantly, the size constraints of many of our sections was what led directly to its creation.

Learn more about How the Skidroc Foundation System works.

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