First-Time Home Builders

Getting the foundations laid accurately and neatly is one of the biggest challenges faced by first time builders, yet one that is often not considered at the planning stage. Many people still think that ‘foundations are foundations’, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Improvements and innovations are happening in many aspects of the building industry, and these days the type of foundation you select will impact the rest of your build – in a very positive way if you use the Skidroc Foundation System.

It is understandable that the focus of your project has been on the design and layout of your new home – which can often be constrained by the size and shape of your section. You may have allowed for drainage trenches around the perimeter of the slab, and tried to work out when it will be necessary to get plumbing, drainage, phone, power and gas connections installed.

If you get the timing wrong with one trade or supplier, then your project can be delayed by weeks – even more if you factor in bad weather hold-ups as well.

Why Skidroc Will Make A REAL Difference

The Skidroc Foundation System is a New Zealand designed and patented process. Its key benefits to first-time builders like you is that it:

  • is laid on a rafted floor, so it has no footings – this now the method of choice for new buildings in Christchurch because it was these that sustained the 2011 earthquake.
  • is easy to set up – and the patented design of the system ensures that foundations are perfect!
  • has services connections installed and connected before the concrete pour – no need to schedule these later on in the build
  • all plumbing and drainage is installed and connected as well – so you don’t need to allow room for digger access and drainage trenches on the side boundaries
  • has insulation laid within it
  • fewer Council inspection fees – as plumbing and draining is inspected at the same time
  • takes only around 6 days to install* – including drains and service connections!
  • reuses excavated materials wherever possible – reducing your dumping costs
  • has components that are reusable on other projects – again reducing your waste removal costs

* subject to weather, the size of the foundation and access.

As well, when Skidroc’s own team installs your foundation in Wellington, we use:

  • Allied REady Eco Glass 20 MPA concrete – which uses recycled glass
  • The top concrete placer in Wellington, Brent Contractors

To see if the Skidroc Foundation System is right for your new home foundation, give Mark a call on 0800 754 376, or email the Skidroc team for a no obligation quote.

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