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Successful New Zealand property developers use great planning and management to ensure that every project delivers the best return possible.

As builders ourselves, at Skidroc we know how cost and time blowouts can impact your profitability, and how impeded access to narrow or multi-structure sites can create challenges in trades scheduling, and drainage and services installation – not to mention safety.

It was just these challenges that led to the creation of the Skidroc Foundation System, a home-grown New Zealand patented foundation system. Choosing Skidroc is your first step to ensuring your projects flow more efficiently. In fact, it is a game-changer on many fronts.


Your plumbing and other services are installed and connected at the time of foundation preparation – not while the building is under construction. This impacts your costs in several different ways, including:

* Fewer inspections are needed because they can be done at the same time as your foundation approval:  plumbing, gas, electricity and telephone.

* You can have your plumbing and electrical trades working on multiple buildings on the one site because access is unimpeded. You won’t need to schedule them as each building’s progress dictates – all connections are installed before the slab concrete is laid.

* Because there are no buildings in the way, a digger can be used for the drains – a massive time and manpower saver on narrow sections and multi-dwelling sites.

* Ease of use ensures faster formwork assembly and dismantling (and reuse).


Time, of course, is money, but apart from time-saving benefits there are other positive cost implications when you choose the Skidroc Foundation System for your foundations.

* We reuse excavated materials as backfill. Not only does this save on dumping costs, but there is no need to then purchase materials to fill drainage trenches later (because they won’t exist!).

* We reuse most of our components – again a saving on dumping costs.

* Fewer Council inspections mean less fees.

* Through economies of scale, we are able to offer developers very competitive rates for multiple foundations on the one site.


One of the key benefits of the Skidroc Foundation System is that your buildings are not ringed by drainage trenches – because the plumbing and drainage has all been completed at the time of slab construction.  The remove of such hazards leads to a much safer workplace and makes the use of scaffolding, if needed, much easier and safer.


Skidroc helps your New Zealand property development company deliver on its environment objectives, initially by not having to dump excavated material or many of our formwork components (see above). But as well, we only use Allied Concrete in our foundations, which uses recycled glass.

Isn’t it time you learned more about how Skidroc and the Skidroc Foundation System can save you time and money on your next project?

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How does the Skidroc Foundation System work?